soundcloud and google analytics

Nowadays, many audio-centric sites are using SoundCloud contents to attract more visitors. These sites simply upload SoundCloud tunes and songs to their databases making it easy for their visitors to download and listen to top-quality audio files from podcasts and live concerts.

Google Analytics is very essential to help you track your website’s audience and see their engagement with SoundCloud songs and how their activities are converting into profit for you. Luckily, this article will show you how to use Google Analytics in buying SoundCloud plays on your site. This will be your secret weapon for Soundcloud plays!

Get Started with Google Analytics For SoundCloud Plays

It’s very vital to integrate Google Analytics with your website’s media channel (such as YouTube or SoundCloud) or blog in order to monitor the engagement between your website visitors and your SoundCloud songs. Doing this will help you discover the visitors that are contributing to the growth of your SoundCloud profile.

soundcloud plays and google

Of course, you’ll like to compare your website audiences and there are tons of options available to help you filter and exploit the information in your Google Analytics. More importantly, you should be keen to find out what a SoundCloud play is worth on your site.

Creating a Custom SoundCloud Segment For Plays

The steps to create a custom SoundCloud segment are very simple. Quite frankly, creating this segment lets you compare visitors. After creating the SoundCloud segment, it becomes easy to compare it to the All Users segment. Also, it’s suggested that you check the variations in metrics from one segment to another. Some of the important data you should check are (i) eCommerce conversion rate (ii) New visitors vs returning visitors (iii) bounce rate

After realizing that you’ve garnered sufficient data, it’s suggested that you delve further into Google’s eCommerce reports. This might help you tap more insights into how visitors are engaging with your SoundCloud contents. Perhaps, you could find out if your SoundCloud users are making higher or lower donations than what other users are making and if they will potentially purchase single subscriptions or tickets.

To create a new segment, follow the easy steps below;

  • Navigate to the sidebar and choose Advanced Conditions
  • Head to the filter level and switch it to Users
  • Choose Event Category from the toggle down
  • Let it contain the word “SoundCloud’’

Segmenting Logged in Users

The section “Logged in Users’’ is specialized for those who have set up eCommerce tracking and executed it with User ID tracking. With the help of Google Analytics’ User ID tracking, you can simply segment the visitors that have shown up through log-ins to your website. At this juncture, you can head to the User ID Coverage report. Having chosen the two segments, being SoundCloud Users and All Users, you can then evaluate the two segments to finding out the notable difference between their rates of account logins.